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Property Experience

Property Experience

From brand new construction to the adaptive reuse of industrial spaces into office spaces, Pollock Commercial has the right knowledge to market, lease, or sell your valuable assets.  Some of our property projects include:

Adaptive Reuse

  • Glassworks, former stained glass manufacturing plant, 46,000 sf
  • Inman Alley, former cotton warehouse and Clorox factory, 41,000 sf
  • The Blue Horse at Inman Park Village, a 21-acre, mixed-use redevelopment of former Mead paper plant, 29,000 sf
  • Brasfield Overlook at Glenwood Park, an 18-acre, mixed-use redevelopment of a former lumber yard, 21,000 sf

Total renovation projects

  • The Hardin Building, single-tenant building renovated and converted to multi-tenant, 38,000 sf
  • 1372 Peachtree, planned renovation of functionally obsolete building in prime location 38,000 sf
  • Peachtree Planning Corporation, headquarters for financial services firm, 16,000 sf
  • Wolff Dentistry, new cosmetic dentistry practice with additional space for lease, 10,000 sf.

New construction

  • Tech Corner/Ivy Preparatory Academy, state-funded 3.5 acre charter school campus 46,000 sf
  • Vinings Main, office building with retail as part of 16-acre mixed-use development, 42,000 sf
  • Harry Norman, Jr. Building, headquarters for residential brokerage firm, 32,000 sf
5256-Peachtree 5256 Peachtree Former beauty supply warehouse converted to loft office in Chamblee across the street from MARTA 42,000 sf
Glassworks  Andree Studios Former metal fabricating facility converted into new screen printing operation and offices for The IceBox 12,000 sf
Glassworks  Brasfield Overlook Total renovation of former single tenant office as part of Glenwood Park, an 18-acre, mixed use redevelopment of former concrete and lumberyard 22,000 sf
Glassworks Glassworks Former stained glass manufacturing plant converted to loft offices and two, newly constructed buildings 46,000 sf
Glassworks Inman Alley Former cotton warehouse and Clorox factory, loft office conversion adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline 41,000 sf
Glassworks Offices of Vinings Main New office building with first floor retail as part of Vinings Main 16-acre mixed-use development 42,000 sf
Glassworks Studioplex Former 1900’s cotton warehouse, mixed use redevelopment adjacent to the Atlanta Beltline 220,000 sf
astoria- The Astoria Two-levels of Class A office condominium units within mixed-use highrise in Buckhead 29,500 sf
Glassworks The Blue Horse Former offices of Montag Paper Company, converted to loft offices as part of 21-acre, Inman Park Village mixed use development 29,000 sf
 Glassworks The Hardin Building Single-tenant office building renovated and converted to high-end, multi-tenant offices in Buckhead 38,000 sf
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