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Taking Aim

The Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS hosted an esteemed panel for its December education program yesterday about the state of the office market.  The keynote speaker was Ed Fritsch, Director, President and CEO of Highwoods Properties based in my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  I was excited about the event as I first met Ed in 1997 when he agreed to create a role for me at Highwoods as a summer intern.  He prepared a thoughtful, eight-week program that confirmed my interest in commercial real estate and provided valuable experience that allowed me to find a job after college.

Reuniting with Ed prior to the presentation was terrific.  He greeted me as if no time had been lost and remembered an unbelievable amount about my background.  Then, during his speech he called on me as a volunteer and challenged me to knock down empty bottles with a toy slingshot in an effort to demonstrate the importance of goal setting in our personal and professional lives.  As it turns out, I am not much of a marksman, but his message was clear.

More importantly, I was reminded of what a leadership is all about.  I was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with such a remarkable mentor and friend.