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200 Ottley Drive

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Our 200 Ottley Drive property is a beautiful brick interior/exterior and offers an open floorplan at 3,580 sqft. It is also easy walking distance to Sweetwater Brewing, Fox Bros BBQ, and East Pole Coffee. Learn more about your future office space here.

Mindset is Essential to Growth

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Your mindset can be a limiting factor in your success. But, if you have a mindset of growth, success can be quick to follow! Learn more about the difference between a fixed mindset and growth-oriented mindsets from this article and you could quickly see a difference in the success of your own life goals.

83% of Remote Workers Want Office Time

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Despite more companies and employees considering working remotely, 83% of remote employees say that they want to be able to spend some time in the office. What are businesses doing to cultivate a space that promotes office connectedness for a group of employees who typically work from home? This article gives details.