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Jeff Pollock recently appeared on the “On Leadership with Atlanta Business Chronicle” podcast to discuss his professional background and leadership development, the challenges of the pandemic, and, of course, the real estate industry and Atlanta’s many outstanding features and advantages.

Pollock Commercial’s founder and managing principal provided the following insights to host and Broadcast Editor Crystal Edmonson (see above photo):

• On Leadership During the Pandemic

The biggest lesson I learned in the last 18 months as a leader is the need to project positivity, even if you don’t have all of the answers. To project energy, optimism and positivity — people needed that in this last year. We had clients call with genuine concern and pain and we needed to provide a safe sounding board for them in confidence and share with them that it was going to be okay… I could see positive results from that energy that I was sharing.

• On What He’d Tell His 20-Year-Old Self

Think big and go for it, particularly in a market like Atlanta, where in my view there’s unlimited opportunity. There’s no reason not to be bold. Don’t wait for others to do things for you. You control your own destiny.

• On Atlanta’s Outlook

I’m optimistic and encouraged. There were larger announcements during the pandemic than I expected [including Microsoft and Google]… I don’t see that slowing down. I think the university system is attractive for both students to come to Atlanta and for employers to then recruit here. And we’ve had so many tech startups that have been born here and expanded. I don’t see that center for innovation that we’ve become waning. We have a wonderful business community and something to offer to a very diverse group of people from all different perspectives. I only see positive things to come for Atlanta.

Pollock’s appearance on the Atlanta Business Chronicle podcast comes less than three months after being named a “Most Admired CEO” by the newspaper.

For the full “On Leadership with Atlanta Business Chronicle” podcast episode, please click here.