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Company Wearables Tracking Employee Performance and Happiness

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In the ever-increasing age of tech and data, companies are beginning to outfit employees with wearables that are capable of tracking performance, health, and happiness of the wearer. Although this may lead to employers being able to construct healthier and more productive workplaces, should employees be comfortable with giving away this much personal information? Read more about the concept here.

Small Business Apps

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Many small business owners understand the importance of technology in their growth plan, but the best kind of tech to use isn’t as clear. Click here to learn the ten most essential categories of tech to utilize for business success.

Digital Maturity

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Digital is the future. Has your business made the transition yet? Achieving digital maturity as an organization can increase profits and attract new talent. Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a tech-first company.

For Lease

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Whether you’re looking for a single office space or a two-story building, Pollock Commercial has listings that will suit your leasing needs. Visit our property page and click “For Lease” to see our available properties.

Productivity Tips

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When you wear many hats in your small business, sustaining productivity can be a struggle. From focusing on the toughest tasks first to saying no more often, there are many ways to create a more productive work environment. Click here to learn more.