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Leading A Company?

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Are you the leader of a business? With all that goes into being CEO, President, or whatever your leadership title, make sure you’re practicing good habits to better perform. Here is a list of 5 great habits to help you do your best work today.


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Burnout happens easily, especially in small business leaders. You have to wear many hats, you feel the weight of making your business successful, and more often than not you carry that responsibility out of the office with you. But, the key to avoiding burnout is figuring out how to bring life into balance. Learn more here about what balance can do for decreasing your chance of burn out.

Power of Peer Groups

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Have you ever considered joining a peer group? Meeting frequently with professionals in a similar position can lead to great outcomes like increased creativity, understanding of your field, and a general sense of community. Learn more about the value of a peer group here.

Precious Time

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For small business owners, you often have to handle a variety of responsibilities. But, can all those responsibilities drain you of valuable time to lead your business? Here is a great piece about when you should say no in business in order to grow your yield.  

Trust As A Business Strategy

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Trust is a key component in leading a successful business. Whether it’s in outward or inward facing behavior, companies that operate in a trustworthy fashion will make better relationships with their clients, vendors, and employees. Learn more about the value of trust here.